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UltraVision San Antonio Lasik leader makes a commitment to others by standing behind the results of a patient's distance vision. Dr. Tomy Starck uses the latest and innovative technology which makes for winning combination.

We confide in Dr. Tomy Starck who's LASIK experience spans for more than two decades.  Patients results that are backed up by our Lifetime Pledge Program.

The Lifetime Pledge is Ultravision's commitment that if an enhancement is needed to maintain the results of a patient's distance vision, the patients who qualify will receive the enhancement at no additional cost.

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I went from having 20/400 vision in both eyes to having 20/15 vision in both eyes. I think I may be Dr. Starck's biggest fan. 5 stars is not enough stars to give him and his wonderful staff. Dr. Starck is THE BEST LASIK SURGEON. There is no doubt in my mind. Take it from someone who has to be held down to put drops in her eyes: Dr. Starck is outstanding. He is a miracle-worker. Going from 20/400 to 20/15 has been an unbelievably life-changing experience and I guarantee it was even better because I was operated on by Dr. Starck. If you are reading this review and considering LASIK, please make the best decision of your life and go see Dr. Starck! Read my full review

I have had glasses for almost 25 years. I had to live with the hinderance/limitations of glasses and corrective lenses. With correction, my vision has always been better than 20/20. Therefore, I was always interested but hesitant to have LASIK surgery. At the urging of severe of my medical colleagues, I went to Dr Starck for an evaluation. He immediately made me comfortable with the entire process. As a result, I proceeded with the procedure. They were quick and efficient and they explained what to expect during the procedure making it a stress free process. I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend Dr Starck to any friend!

Going to my 1 month follow-up after Clear Lens Extraction today and I'm still in shock that I don't have to reach for my contacts or glasses for the first time in 40 years. I was as close to being legally blind as you can get, and, in a million years, I never anticipated I could correct to a combined 20/20, but I have! I still have one additional lasik procedure in one eye, but the difference is life-changing. Dr. Starck and his staff were, and continue to be, incredibly professional, friendly, and skilled. I recommend Dr. Starck to anyone considering corrective eye surgery, and especially those with extreme visual impairment. Take care of your eyes; they're the only ones you'll get.

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What Is The UltraVision Lifetime Pledge?

UltraVision makes a commitment to stand behind the results of a patient's distance vision because we confide in Dr. Tomy Starck who's LASIK experience spans for more than a decade serving San Antonio. Together with the latest and innovative technology, this winning combination offers results that are backed up by our Lifetime Pledge program.

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