Could the future have an iLens?

With technology constantly evolving around us, and tech giants are creating new platforms for virtual reality, smart glasses and holograms could there be more? Some people are curious if the future lies in the eyes. Why wear glasses, or even a virtual reality goggles where the device can be overwhelming. We could create a simple device that integrates into the human anatomy, like contact lenses. There are multiple reasons why Apple, Google or Microsoft would create such an innovation. Vision has always been unique to each person and the eyes are considered to be on of our most evocative features. A perfect fit for tech giants alike to branch under their name. A lens that is fitted to each wearer’s eyes that could combine augmented reality; GPS, health monitoring and photography would be amazing! There are infinite possibilities that a user would have.

Think about it, cell phones have become a huge social faux pas, the glow of a screen at a social gathering. That is why iLens would be great. You could be playing Candy Crush or watching football and no one will ever know. The concept is not something new, rather plenty of sci-fi and spy movies have featured this type of tech.

Although there are no current signs of the tech existing, one can only hope for the future! Don’t fret in modern medicine today; eye care has made significant strides. Today we can offer blade free, laser correction LASIK surgery to get rid of those contacts or glasses right here in house at UltraVision!

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