I had LASIK eye surgery exactly seven days ago.

I had LASIK eye surgery exactly seven days ago. For one week, I have been thinking about how to review this life-changing experience. How can I put into words the miracle of being able to see as soon as I wake up? The truth is this: I can’t describe how wonderful and life-changing Dr. Starck and the bladeless LASIK surgery was for me. As a type one diabetic, I was always told LASIK was not an option for me. However, at my regular eye doctor appointment with Dr. Richard Delay, he asked me if I had ever considered LASIK because I would be a perfect candidate. I was shocked. He told me the only doctor I should let do my LASIK procedure is Dr. Starck. Months later, I had a free consultation with Dr. Starck who said I could have LASIK. He is very confident, kind, and professional. He told me exactly what to expect.

I scheduled it for a few days later. Before I go any further, I have to brag on Dr. Starck’s refractive coordinator, Kimberly. She made me feel comfortable because she had undergone surgery with Dr. Starck a few months previously. Also, she told me my surgery could be performed while being shown live on Facebook if I wanted to become an “Ultravision Ambassador.” How cool is that? I am comforted by background noise so having Kimberly walking around during the surgery was going to help my nerves tremendously, especially because she has such a “cool mom” personality. The day of surgery came. Thirty minutes before my surgery, I took an optional prescription Xanax to take the edge off my nerves. The truth be told, I was not nervous because I had watched live videos of Dr. Starck performing the surgery and read all the reviews. Everyone said it was painless and quick. You can watch my surgery live on Facebook! It truly was quick and painless. Dr. Starck told me exactly what he was going to do at every step so I was not surprised by anything. Truly friends, I did not experience any pain!! I experienced pressure when the lasers were creating the flap, but it really was not that bad, I promise. Dr. Starck’s main priority (besides safety and efficiency, of course) was my comfort. Unlike other LASIK practices, Dr. Starck gives patients Ambien after so they can go home and sleep after the surgery as the eyes begin to recover. If you are awake during this time, you will experience tearing, burning, and other horrible symptoms. Thanks to the great concern of Dr. Starck, I did not have to experience any of these symptoms because I was asleep.

The after-care consisted of three separate kinds of drops 4x a day. The next day, I had a follow-up appointment with Dr. Obina, an OD. I have never met another eye doctor that I like as much as my regular eye doctor, Dr. Delay. However, Dr. Obina came very close! He thoroughly explained and informed throughout my follow-up appointment. Despite being young, he seemed extremely well educated on any eye issues you could ever have. I went from having 20/400 vision in both eyes to having 20/15 vision in both eyes. I think I may be Dr. Starck’s biggest fan. 5 stars is not enough stars to give him and his wonderful staff. Dr. Starck is THE BEST LASIK SURGEON. There is no doubt in my mind. Take it from someone who has to be held down to put drops in her eyes: Dr. Starck is outstanding. He is a miracle-worker. Going from 20/400 to 20/15 has been an unbelievably life-changing experience and I guarantee it was even better because I was operated on by Dr. Starck. If you are reading this review and considering LASIK, please make the best decision of your life and go see Dr. Starck!

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